Our Physical
Therapists Know
Back Pain

It’s like a hundred second opinions –
AI assisted treatment based on others
with symptoms like yours.


Why Our Physical
Therapists Are Better

AI Assisted Therapy

AI-Assisted Therapy

We apply the latest in data science to solve your back pain problems. Your therapist has unique information about what worked for patients with symptoms like yours. This supplements their professional judgement in discerning the correct treatment for you. The result is a personalized, data-assisted treatment plan.

Backpain Therapy

We do BACKS.

Specializing allows us to apply unrivalled expertise and technology to extremely complex back issues that may involve bone, nerve, cartilage, soft tissue, muscle, tendon and ligament issues all at once. Your treatment is a thoughtful combination of technology and human intervention, giving you the power of data science with the expertise and compassion of your practitioner.

100 “Second Opinions”

Like 100 “Second Opinions”

Imagine getting opinions from many practitioners who have treated patients with symptoms like yours and know what worked for them!

Fix Your Back Fast

Our Goal: Fix your back fast!

We are 100% focused on solutions. We’re glad you are here, but we want you to be a former patient as soon as possible.

Do Your Part


Out-of-clinic stretches and exercises are critical. Back Pain Alliance relies on you recording you’ve done them. We need this to deliver on our promise to you, and to others. As Coach Belichick says, “Do your part” – do your stretches and exercises and record them. If you don’t, we’ll remind you.

What to Expect


Easy, contactless check in

Evidence Based Care

Evidence-based care

Team Committed

A team committed to your care, in and out of the office

The Physical Therapists at Back Pain Therapy apply an innovative AI solution to supplement their
expertise, resulting in improved, personalized, evidence-based treatment.

Better outcomes for patients.